About me and Dream Catchers

My name is Johny Q and I hail from just outside Montreal Canada. It was interesting as to how I came to love and discover my talent creating Dream Catchers.

In the Quebec Montreal area we have many native peoples who live on thier reserves. I came to make an aquaintance of one and soon we were friends. Our friendship lasted a few years and I was let in to their world literally. One day, as I saw one of them making a dream catcher, I thought I'd give it a try .... Wow! I loved it and better yet ...I had a REAL TALENT for it which has been laying latent all these years.

I started to be able to make them instinctively without using a set pattern and, using my imagination, began to go wild making many dream catchers of all shapes and sizes.

I am a modest person but I kid you NOT when I tell you that even the elders couldn't believe that I could make dream catchers with such quality, precision, imagination and detail. Now, whenever people see my work, they want one - and have similar things to say.

I cannot explain it except to say that it is a gift I recieved and LOVE sharing!

Johny Q


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