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Some of The 'Discount Pet Meds' categories Below:

Advanced pHormula Ear Cleanser (4 oz)

AloCetic (12 oz)

12 MONTH Heartgard Plus Brown for Dogs 51 to 100 lbs

Duramune Max PV (25 Dose)

Fel-O-Vax Lv-K (10 doses)

Green-UM EXTRA (400 Tablets)

Lysodren 500 mg (per tablet)

NaturVet Kelp Help (4 lb. powder)

Pet Swabs - Tear Stain Guard Swabs

Repti Bark - 8 Quarts

Siphotrol Yard Spray (32oz)

SOD 4000 (500 tablets)

SynoviG3 EQ (2.88 KG) by DVM Pharmaceuticals
Talking Santa (8 inches)

Thermal Cat Cushion

Ranch Rewards Munchy Puparillos Cigars (12 Pieces)

Relief SHAMPOO (8 oz) by DVM Pharmaceuticals
JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Gray)

Kitty Kong

Lattice Balls 1.5 Inch (Per Ball)

Leather Catnip Mice (Per Mouse)
Repticare Infared Ceramic Heat Emitter (60 watt)
Restor-A-Flex (60 tablets) for Dogs and Cats

ResiCORT Leave-on Conditioner (8 oz)
Lipiderm Large Breed (120 Gel Capsules)

Felovite II with Taurine (2.5 oz) by EVSCO

Fish Fungus (Ketoconazole) 200mg (30 Tablets)

Revolution for Dogs 5 to 10 lbs (6 Month)

GreenTree Septiderm-V Antiseptic Bath (16 oz.)

Serene-UM (30 Tablets)

NUPRO (5 lbs) for Dogs

Percorten -V

GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin & Coat Liquid (16 oz.)

Pill Crusher/Splitter


PROGRAM Green: For cats 11-20 lbs (ORAL SUSPENSION)

Provent-a-Mite (6 oz)

Methio-Form (150 tablets)

Metronidazole 500 mg (per tablet)

Millers Forge Vista Matt-Remover Comb

Pyoben Shampoo (8 oz)

Mycodex SensiCare Flea & Tick Spray (16 oz)

NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (100 Tabs)

Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover (32oz)

CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor

QuikClean Waterless Shampoo (8 oz) by Fort Dodge

Guardian Gear Retractable Leash (For Dogs up to 60lbs)

Halloween Spooky Balls (each)

12 MONTH Sentinel Green for Dogs and Puppies 11-25lbs
PET FLYS Lucky Horseshoe Carrier

Fresh Breath & Dental Paste (70g Tube)

3 PACK Frontline Top Spot Orange: For Dogs up to 22 lbs.

GF 600mg (120 Tablets)

Glyco-Flex PLUS (II) Regular Strength 90 Tablets

HomeoPet Cough (15mL)

Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb (60 watt)

Drontal Plus for Medium Dogs (50 tablets)

Goodwinol Ointment (1 oz)

DVMectin Liquid for Horses (50mL)

E-collar (7.5 cm)

EFA Caps 60 counts

Enacard 5.0 mg by Merial (30 tablets)

LARGE Grunting Hedgehog (Gray)

8 in 1 Excel Brewer's Yeast with Garlic (600 tablets)

Canine Plus Vitamins (90 tablets)

Cat Zoom Groom

Etiderm Medicated Shampoo (8oz) by VIRBAC

CET HEXtra Premium Chews Large (15 chews)

ChlorhexiDerm 4% by DVM (8 oz)

Clomicalm 20 mg (30 Tablets)

Cosequin EQUINE Powder Concentrate (1400 gm)

2 Knot Bone, 9"

3V Caps Skin Formula for Small/Medium dogs (60 caps)

Corticalm Lotion (3 oz)

6 MONTH Frontline PLUS Red for Dogs 89-132 lbs

Vetri-Science Acetylator (60 tablets)

Tri-Color Munchy Rawhide Candy Canes (PER CANE)

Vetri-Science Renal Essentials For Cats (60 Tabs)

Vet Solutions Swimmer's Ear Astringent (4 oz)

Yard Spray Concentrate by Virbac (16oz)

Zeniquin (marbofloxacin) 100mg (50 tablets)

Zubrin 50mg (100 tablets)

Amoxidrops (15 mL)

Anxiety and Stress Formula (120 tablets) for DOGS

Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)

Baytril 136 mg (per tablet)

Bird Cycline (Tetracycline) 250mg (60 Capsules)

Kelle Series Black Pebble Suede

Denosyl SD4 for small dogs and cats (30 tablets) 90 mg

Dermaplex (16 oz)

DiaBac for Large Dogs (61 pounds or more) 30 Tablets

DMSO Gel 4oz. 90%

Heartgard for Cats up to 5 lbs (6 Month)

Hexadene Flush (12 oz)

HydrOXYzine PAMOATE, USP 25 mg (per capsule)

Oli-Vet Olive Leaf Extract 250 mg (90 caps) by VETRI-SCIENCE

Osteo-Form 500 tablets

Ovitrol Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (12oz)

6-PACK Duralactin Canine 1000 mg (1080 tablets)